Arts Training Benefits Children with ADHD

shutterstock_49201096Focused training in the arts is a safe, effective and medication-free way to improve attention and cognition. Scientific studies indicate that training in music, art, dance and theater improves attention and cognition in children.

For example, music training strengthens brain circuits and leads to improvements in listening, auditory processing, motor skills and cognition. The skills mastered in dance and theater arts activate an “action observation network” to improve motivation, mastery, mood and social intelligence.

Psychologist and researcher Dr. Michael I. Posner, Ph. D advises parents: “Encourage your child to find an art form they love and to pursue it with passion.”

Sparks of Genius identifies and reinforces “artistic sparks of genius.” Children with ADHD who have “ignition trouble” get a feeling of accomplishment when they discover and pursue something that they are good at.

“From our perspective, it is increasingly clear that with enough focused attention, training in the arts likely yields cognitive benefits that go beyond ‘art for art’s sake.’ Or, to put it another way, the art form that you truly love to learn may also lead to improvements in other brain functions.” Dr. Michael I. Posner with Brenda Patoine

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