What's Brain Training and how does it Work for ADHD?

“What I really like about Sparks of Genius is there are some games that you can play but they’re not really “games.” They’re good for your mind and they really get you focused and on your task. It’s a fun place to be if you have any of those ADD or ADHD stuff.” Christopher. Age 9. Boca Raton, Florida

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Brain training at Sparks of Genius consists of computer-based training at home and office, along with other recommended activities including physical fitness and focused arts training specifically designed for the ADHD Brain.

Brain training is the best foundation for building attention and thinking skills. It presents your child with new, mentally stimulating and increasingly challenging exercises which target and improve specific mental functions like attention, memory, processing speed, planning and perseverance.

This is called neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by strengthening neural connections in response to new situations or changes in the environment.

Because every child’s brain is wired differently, each student receives a personalized brain training program with specific goals.

Addressing attention challenges holistically is the surest way to your child’s success.

Each student receives self-regulation and mindfulness meditation training because these practices not only decrease stress but also improve cognitive functioning and change the brain in a protective way.   

We encourage your child to be physically active, to find his or her passion and to address any specific learning disabilities and to strengthen academic areas that have fallen under the radar.

Because we identify what your child loves to do, your child’s sparks of genius are ignited.

Your child will have his or her own Brain Coach.  If you have ever worked out in a gym, you know that the people who make the most progress and are most motivated are the ones with a coach.

Your child’s Brain Coach knows when your child is bored and makes the program more challenging.  Likewise, if the student is overwhelmed, the Brain Coach can make the program easier.  This helps your child to enjoy brain training and increases motivation and perseverance.

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