I never really thought much about executive function and maybe you didn’t either, but it can help you understand your child’s ADHD.  If your executive function skills are weak, it’s really hard to plan, prioritize or consciously make decisions because they connect the dots between the present and the future.


For example, your child’s teacher gives homework, but the video game is more interesting.  He plays the video game because he’s not even thinking about what will happen if he doesn’t do the homework.  The video game is in the present.  The consequences of not doing homework are in the future. Before you know it, it’s tomorrow and the teacher asks for the homework. There is no homework because there was no prioritization. At that time your child may even lie about the homework, because he can’t see that he’s likely to get caught.


Executive function skills are a building block for academic success and can be improved with coaching and brain training.  It’s one of the things that we do at Sparks of Genius.http://sparksofgenius.com