Innovative Solutions to ADHD

Imagine your ADHD child more focused, happier and doing better in school.

Sparks of Genius is a place where your child is celebrated for his or her strengths, interests and passions while learning to overcome the challenges of ADHD.

A comprehensive brain training program is designed exclusively for your child and is administered by a professional brain coach. The program enables your child to develop new abilities to learn more quickly and easily by:

  • Improving attention and cognition and strengthening the ability to concentrate, listen, remember, follow directions and complete tasks (like homework).
  • Boosting self-control skills so they can make better decisions.
  • Nurturing sparks of genius.

Brain Training improves intellectual performance and academic success as well as acting as a springboard to future accomplishments. To get started just fill out the free online Free Attention Skills Assessment.

Children look forward to training with their coach, playing game-like computer exercises with cool technology and having fun with juggling. They like the fun, engaging, surprising and supportive atmosphere that encourages them to give best effort and achieve their goals.

Parents are relieved to see a more disciplined, motivated and happier student who is able to complete homework faster and pursue other interests. Teachers like seeing your child achieve more academically and socially.

Sparks of Genius is a safe, effective, fun and medication-free solution to attention deficit disorder.

Here are some recent comments:

“Hi, Dr. Kessler! Today I got Dan’s 3rd quarter report card and I thought of you. He’s now a sophomore, doing really well in school, and part of his success is thanks to the work he did with you. I hope we can meet one of these days. You’d be pleased to see that Dan has become a confident, intelligent, pleasant young man and focused (most of the time…)! Thank you for making a difference in all our lives! Wish you all the best, always.” J. V., South Florida

“What I really like about Sparks of Genius is there’s some games that you can play but they’re not really games. They’re good for your mind and they really get you focused and just get you on your task. And it’s cool how you move the things with your mind. So it has a cool concept with it and the technology is really smart. It’s a fun place to be if you have any of those ADD or ADHD stuff.” C.W. – 8 years old. Boca Raton, Florida

For every ADHD child with a spark of genius there are many with ignition trouble.

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