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The Longer Academic Difficulties Last, The Larger They Become

shutterstock_14103850Give Your Child a Strong Academic Foundation, Not a Crumbling One.

Roughly half of all children diagnosed with ADHD also suffer from learning disabilities such as dyslexia or auditory processing problems. If the ADHD diagnosis isn’t made until the fourth or fifth grade, it’s possible that a child will have gaps in basic skills, especially math and language arts.

Learning difficulties and the inability to stay focused can prevent your child from succeeding in school. The longer a child experiences academic difficulties, the bigger the learning gap. Early intervention is the key.

Interventions made before your child gets to Kindergarten or First Grade can save your child from a lot of heartache.

What are some signs of learning difficulties in elementary school?

Trouble learning letters, numbers or basic math concepts, confused when reading basic words, does not follow verbal instructions, poor grades, lack of motivation, challenge telling time, poor handwriting, does not finish things, takes much longer than necessary to complete homework

Proficiency vs. Mastery

“Schools today teach to proficiency. They need to teach to mastery. Many children who achieve proficiency have deficits in their knowledge base which cause academic problems later on” Judy Smizik, M.Ed.

Schools and tutoring centers are usually based on proficiency. Proficiency is defined as being adequately competent and it has taken on the meaning of having just enough competence to be able to get by. 

Unless these deficits caused by “proficiency” are addressed, school success is almost impossible. We use the standard of mastery rather than proficiency to address learning issues, which is defined as the full command or understanding of a subject.

“Young Children Lean Best by Aiming for Mastery rather than Proficiency”‚ĶJudy Smizik, M.Ed.

We can refer you to an educational specialist who can help your child deal with learning disabilities and learning deficits either while or after the ADHD issues are addressed.

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